Project Design

Starting a project on the right foot is critical to its long-term success. From stand-alone events to multi-year community initiatives, Group 36 can help you design, develop, and implement projects that will advance the mission of your organization and achieve the desired impact. Our clients count on our experience and expertise, whether working from the ground up or overhauling an existing initiative.

Initial Development and Launch

Even the most well designed projects require careful planning and coordination for a successful launch. We guide our clients through the often complex process of contingency planning, assigning roles and responsibilities, and ensuring transparency while collaborating with multiple partners. As a result, they leverage their resources most effectively while maximizing the chances that their project will produce the community impact they set out to create. 


Once a pilot project begins to produce results, an organization may choose to expand its scope. Group 36 optimizes all workflow components in order to ensure that the expanded project will operate efficiently and stay true to its original objectives. Working in lock-step with our clients, we develop a plan that turns their concept into reality.

Project Oversight 

Effective management requires identifying and pursuing processes that are necessary to achieve a set of predetermined goals. By doing so, a project is given the greatest chance of long-term results and sustainability. Our diverse experience gives us the unique capability of being a single point service provider in the countries of the Former Soviet Union and Russian-speaking communities around the world for organizations seeking to effect the most social change.