Financial Management Services:

At times, third-party services prove more advantageous than in-house management. Our Financial Management Services provide a comprehensive solution, including funds disbursement, bookkeeping, financial reporting, budget planning, regulatory compliance support, donation processing, and assistance with grant reporting. We ensure the financial health, transparency, and compliance of your project or organization, while simplifying administrative responsibilities. 

Fiscal sponsorship: 

The 501(c)(3) branch of our organization provides a secure and reliable platform for charitable endeavors to access the benefits of tax-exempt status, without the legal and organizational overhead of opening their own charity. 

Fiscal sponsorship is a mechanism that allows a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization (the sponsor) to “house” another project or organization (the sponsored partner). One of the most common uses of fiscal sponsorship is to enable a sponsored partner to apply for grants and solicit tax-deductible contributions. This reduces the partner’s costs, conserves resources, reduces duplication of personnel, and simplifies organizational functions.