Initial Program Assessment

An early-stage assessment of a project establishes a baseline for all future evaluation efforts. By working both remotely and on the ground, we provide our clients with a valuable initial overview. This primary review can help an organization refine variables that will optimize a project and keep it on course through unforeseen challenges. 

Data Collection and Analysis

Measuring and analyzing data is an integral part of project development and impact assessment. After gathering information through individual interviews, focus groups, surveys, and direct observation, we develop and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) vital to the initiative’s future success. What our clients receive is an insightful and informative snapshot of the current state of their project, complemented by practical recommendations that can serve as a roadmap for development. 

Project Monitoring 

Based on several years’ experience of on-the-ground monitoring, Group 36 has developed a method that effectively analyzes program components and identifies areas for improvement. Our in-depth knowledge of the communities we work in is one of the main reasons we are effective at improving our clients’ ROI. Through project monitoring, our clients get a clear picture of their investment in action without having to commit valuable internal resources. 

Oversight and Facilitation of Third-Party Evaluations

Whether an organization is looking to refine a large-scale initiative or provide an independent report to its donor base, a formal evaluation can be a valuable and worthwhile investment. And yet, without an understanding of the local markets, such an investment might be inadequate and ineffective. We help our clients find and engage a reputable third-party evaluator, set the framework for an evaluation study, and ensure the effectiveness of the project assessment.