Strategy Development

Thorough localized strategy is imperative for success, especially in markets where a funding organization does not maintain a physical presence. Even more so, strategy is critical in Eastern Europe’s current volatile economic and political climate. Group 36 provides a comprehensive analysis of the funding landscape in the countries of the Former Soviet Union and Russian-speaking communities around the world. Whatever our clients’ goals, we guide them in shaping organizational strategies that are true to their vision.

Organizational Assessment

An open-minded approach and willingness to adapt to a variety of circumstances is often the surest way to build an organization that will endure the test of time. Through an extensive analysis of processes and management policies, we identify challenges and provide solutions for organizational efficiency. This assessment helps our clients streamline their workflows and ultimately improve their ability to positively affect their target population. 

HR Consulting and Staffing

One cannot overstate the role that a capable and motivated workforce plays in leading an organization to success. One of the greatest challenges of working in the countries of the Former Soviet Union is the ability to identify and successfully recruit local talent. Group 36 provides staffing and support that is complemented by a comprehensive understanding of local labor laws and corporate culture. Additionally, we work closely with clients to create customized plans of best practices and tailored solutions to meet their human resources needs.

Board and Governance

While it is common knowledge in the West that a functioning Board and effective governance are extremely important in non-profit management, it is yet to become accepted practice in the countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Group 36 is at the forefront of educating the FSU non-profit community about the importance of lay-professional relationships and sustainable board development.

Capacity Building

An increasing number of funders are looking at the capacity building of their grantees as an effective philanthropic investment that ensures sustainability and long term impact. We believe in results-driven philanthropy delivered by strong local organizations, and work together with our clients to strategically plan their organizational growth.